Out Now

'Disconnected Repeater'


"More mellow and emotive than their previous work, 'Disconnected Repeater' is an ingenious mixture of downtempo leftfield hiphop and deeply textured electronic music.

The EP kicks off spirited with 'Genus' and sketches the shape of things to come. Dutch vocalist iET joins the two on 'Anybody Out There': a song that's both lively and blue. 'Flourish' is a charming celebration of the break of day, while nocturnal atmospheres dominate 'Extrapolate Yourself': a hypnotic track that's flipped in the middle by giving access to more hefty, widespread synthlines.

UK-artists Planes (Lab Beat/Fremdtunes) and Huess (Inaudible Answer) bring the EP to a closure and enter Big Mister Doom's stratosphere with impressive, beat-heavy remix-work."

Snippet mix. 'Disconnected Repeater' out now.